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We're having a bit of trouble with the Ebay Module and need assistance.


We have just moved over to another hosting company, they basically did a fresh install and imported everything from backups, this means that our product database is now NOT synced with Ebay - seemingly the only way to fix this is to cancel all of our listings and re-sync our account, uploading all of the product again. Is there any other way so that we will not be charged for the listings?


Also, the shipping for customers outside of the UK seems to set itself to £54 no matter what settings we select on the module. Sometimes it also just gives FREE shipping.



We also keep getting orders duplicated from Ebay and others have been mashed together, so we'll get a name from one order and product from another... with two billing addresses.



This is causing us a lot of problems.


We would LOVE to continue using your module, is there any chance there will be an update at any point which will address some of these issues? Or has anyone had these issues and solved them?

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answer some of your questions:

1) If you do not want to publish all products again, you can enter in the table ebay_pruct references between prestashop id -> id ebay

2) For the configuration of shipments, are you sure you associate everything well?

the form mermette you to associate a courier and a zone and that takes the value.

3) The problem of the orders is something that the module goes free Dietra always, the only solutions to solve it are modules for cash as you find on our shop.prestalia.it



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New Problem, 


We've updated to the latest version of the module after a few issues with the old one, problem now is, NO product will sync with Ebay. Everything has been configured but when I push the button it just spins... Sometimes says that it IS uploading, but when I check ebay there is nothing there.


Any ideas?

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