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(Solved) Why does the Danish defense does not?


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I have tried to change the text in the file editorial.php to Danish, but it still shows the original text "Lorem ipsum etc etc"

Why does the Danish defense does not? - It is still the original font is displayed even if it is replaced ...

I am providing section of editorial.php as amended:





$editorial = new EditorialClass();

$editorial->id_shop = (int)$id_shop;

$editorial->body_home_logo_link = 'http://www.prestashop.com';

foreach (Language::getLanguages(false) as $lang)


$editorial->body_title[$lang['id_lang']] = 'Aluminiashoppen';

$editorial->body_subheading[$lang['id_lang']] = '';

$editorial->body_paragraph[$lang['id_lang']] = '<p>Velkommen til min Aluminiashop hvor jeg sælger min store aluminiasamling som jeg har skabt gennem mange år, men nu mener jeg at tiden er til at jeg skille mig af med den.</p>';

$editorial->body_logo_subheading[$lang['id_lang']] = 'Lorem ipsum presta shop amet';


return $editorial->add();




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Hi mfj,

The exampleeditorial text is 'created' only when installing the module. Therefore if you want it to be created with your changed text, you should uninstall/re-install the 'home text editor' module or you can just press 'Reset' in the module list, which does the same.


But don't you want just to edit the text to be shown on your shop page? Then you don't have to edit the source file directly, but just go again to modules->modules, find the 'Home Text editor' module and press 'Configure'. Then you will find a screen where you can change the (example) text to something else (in more languages, if needed)


Hope this helps,


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