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Ebay Brand error


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When trying to sync I always get the following

Listing is missing required item specific(s): "Brand". Please provide the required item specifics.


I am trying to sync across fashion items but do not understand the error. Where does the brand go? I twice dropped Prestashop an ebay via the addons as its their native module but got no response

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Tried that and have got further but now I get the following error? You can list up to 10 items or up to £650.00 this month, whichever comes first. Its a new account so havn't exceeded the limit and am only trying to upload 3 items wiht no more value then 50 in total. Anyone else experienced this?

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in some category you must insert the specifics = Brands , the module don't support this

Need a function to take brand ( if you have in yor db prestshop) and insert it in xml for ebay.



Could anyone tell what line to add exactly in the ebay.php file?

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