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Change "no products"


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Yes, you have other categories which are visible at the bottom like it should be. If I understood correctly you want products from this subcategories (Iphone, Samsung, LG) to be also visible in main category (Lasa upp telefon). To do that you have to edit each product from subcategories and mark also main category.

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Ok, sorry if my explination isn't good!


Benjamin: Yes they are subcategories. And also more subcategories within.


Låsa upp telefon>category>category>PRODUCTS.


But it shows up like empty anyways like in the first pic.


Sharak: I do want the categories as they are. It's more easier for the costumer to navigate to the right product.

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It seems that you are using 1.4x...


Make sure to have a backup of your sql database and your PrestaShop files and edit /themes/yourtheme/category.tpl


Find this line

  {if $nb_products == 0}{l s='There are no products.'} [/Code]

and replace it with 
[code]        {if $nb_products == 0}
               {if  !isset($subcategories)}
               {l s='There are no products.'}

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