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Modifying Categories Footer


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*I am very new at this. I used to know how to program but that was 20 years ago.so if this is really simple please forgive me.



I added multiple categories modules to my shop -- 4 for now but might increase to 5 or 6.


I don't want to have 4 columns in the footer for each category.


I figured I would be able to edit one of the blockcategories_footer.tpl to have it display all categories and then I would only display that.


I have been playing with it and I have a question.


1) The list of categories is that generated from the database in blockcategories_footer.tpl or blockcategories.php and then passed as an variable / array to blockcategories_footer.tpl?


2) If the latter what is the name of the variable / array?



I realize that is really noobish but it would help me figure out the code if I knew where the list was generated.




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in the blockategories.php file you've got functions for handle the hooks:

  1. hookLeftColumn
  2. hookFooter


now you can use the same code as you have in the hookLeftColumn, in the hookFooter function.

Just rempace the code

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