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[SOLVED]Shipping miscalculation issue involving Countries + Zones + Weight Ranges


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Where I'm At

  1. My custom theme is more-or-less built.
  2. I'm charging for shipping using weight ranges and a single carrier.
  3. I input all the weight ranges for that carrier.
  4. I input the fees for every zone and weight range.
  5. I updated the zones' names and added a few to reflect the carrier's pricing (it's not by continent).
  6. I'm now updating the zones for individual countries.

I've only updated two countries so far, one a long time ago (it works properly) and about an hour ago (it's not working properly). I set the US to Zone 5 Special, which has an ID of 9. On the front end, after I it displays a shipping price equivalent to that of Zone 2 which has an ID of 2 and was the original zone it was assigned to.


Things I've Tried/Checked

In the dir app/cache, I deleted everything except index.php (smarty/ and class_index.php).


I checked the database to make sure it's correctly set, it appears to be so. In the ps_country table, The US has an id_zone of 9, which matches the id_zone for Zone 5 Special in the ps_zone table.


I searched Google.


So… Now what?

I'm not sure what else to check/try. Is there a database cache somewhere that I'm not aware of? Am I missing something in the process of setting up countries, zones, and weight ranges? Any help is appreciated.

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Hi Curtis,

Thanks for solving your own question :)

I know it sometimes helps to sit down and 'explain' it to someone and then it gives you the solution after doing so!


Are there any loose ends left, or is this topic solved?


I'll mark it as solved, but please don't hesitate to ask if there are some small pains left.


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