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Payment error


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All my credit card payment are returned in the back office as "payment error".


The credit card payment module was working before I upgraded to the last prestashop version.


Can someone tell me what part of a payment module is taking care to make the payment valid in the back office.


The Credit card payment is received on the SSL server so it works until there.


It is getting urgent as it is in production and people are making 2 to 3 times their order as in their account it is also stated as "payment error". Then they call me and are scared that we would send 3 orders to them :(

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This was a payment module that was specially develop for prestashop 1.3 so this is not a module you will find anywhere over the internet.


I just want to know which part of a module injects the prices into the back office as it seems there was a lot of change in since the 1.3 version.


By the way how do we get an email notification when someone replies in a thread ??? Did not find it yet

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SImply enough, if you are using a module developed for 1.3 on a 1.5 version, it just breaks. You need a version which is compliant with the latest functions, otherwise it simply won't work


I think it's worth developing it from scratch as the payment modules structure changed a whole lot

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I agree too but missing time (but I will do it)


Now it is working (I forgot the $total) so now payment is made, it is also added in the payment section in the back office as payment accepted.


But in 1.5 the include stuff does not work anymore, I have read all day, find lots of posts on "override" on controlers etc... well I did not get anything about it.


Now when you hit to valid payment button, everything appears, the text I wrote to confirm we received the payment, the footer, but all HTML is gone, no header() or footer in color (only test and links to my best sold products.


Tried a lot of stuff found on the internet, but I am shure they have changed the way to add the header and the footer. Went to read the prestashop 1.5 doc and still do not get it. It was so simple before but I am shure that the team made this choice for a good reason.






then at the end of the php



It works but no layout anymore just text and link (very uggly for a customer)

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Just had to change the way the $total was declared.


I do not know but all this was way more simple before 1.5


I am pulling almost all my hair off to be able to work with the tpl files, and it takes for ever to understand all this.

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