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Using Sub Domains in Single Store Environment


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I need to be able to use sub domains in the single store environment so that affiliates can send/post a product link with their ID as the sub domain so that when a customer clicks on it, I know who the referring affiliate was.


example: http://fred.myshop.c...face-cream.html


At the moment if you use the above, the result is http://www.myshop.com/?controller=404 resulting in a lost customer/sale.


I need this for other reasons as well.


I'm not concerned that if a customer clicks on the referrer product link that it then redirects to http://www.myshop.co...face-cream.html as I have code in the index file that grabs the "fred" sub domain part. This works fine is a user is just going to the home page eg. http://fred.myshop.com as no error is generated. Having said that, it would be preferable and very nice if we could keep the sub domain in the URL instead of redirecting.


I hope that there is an answer to this as it is very important to setting up this affiliate site.



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