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Adding images a product created from a module


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I am using prestashop version 1.4.4 and I want creating a module for creating a product with pictures. I am getting the fields from user using form than I try to create a product using product class like

$product = new Product();

$product->price = 10;




product created succesfully but after this how can add product images using Image class I am able to save image in temporary file on server but how can bing to the product? any help

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Hi Redbull,


Probably using the function: $product->addProductAttribute(...);


Defined as follows: addProductAttribute(($price, $weight, $unit_impact, $ecotax, $quantity, $id_images, $reference, $supplier_reference, $ean13, $default, $location = NULL, $upc = NULL, $minimal_quantity = 1)


Defined in file classes/Product.php (Definition of, but will probably be similar to your version)


Examples how to use it are in Product.php self and also in : /<your admin folder>/tabs/AdminImport.php



Hope this helps,


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added definition correctly, added version number PS (see edit history)
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Thank you for the quick reply PascalVG

I don't have $id_images because the picture what I have in temp_file isn't a image object I have only a image in temp_file, I have searched but nothing found in image class. for example when a create a image object using Image class, how can assume a existing image path to image object than bing to a product as product thickbox image


$image = new Image();

$image->legend = array((int)(Configuration::get('PS_LANG_DEFAULT')) => $string);

$image->position = Image::getHighestPosition($product->id) + 1;

$image->cover = false;

$image->id_product = $product->id;

$image->path ? I could not find any variable in Image class that assume my existing image path to image objects path


any help?

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Hi Redbull,


Maybe it helps if you look in AdminImportController. There is a function as follows:


 * copyImg copy an image located in $url and save it in a path
 * according to $entity->$id_entity .
 * $id_image is used if we need to add a watermark
 * @param int $id_entity id of product or category (set in entity)
 * @param int $id_image (default null) id of the image if watermark enabled.
 * @param string $url path or url to use
 * @param string entity 'products' or 'categories'
 * @return void
protected static function copyImg($id_entity, $id_image = null, $url, $entity = 'products')


This function is used to import images, when importing products using a CSV file. I assume you could use this function as well. In another function in this file you can see how it is used. Give it a try,


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