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How to put an iframe within function initform() fieldset?


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Hi there guys. Happy coding.


In my module development, i have done my 1st field for inputs. Then i made a 2nd field which i don't need to put any input elements there but to put an iframe (let's say from facebook like box).




So i need help in developing this code.. within private function initForm(){ ....


$this->fields_form[1]['form'] = array(

'tinymce' => true,

'legend' => array(

'title' => $this->displayName,

'image' => $this->_path.'logo.gif'



(yeah.. I stuck here on how to put the iframe code to work)



in the form helper document - i couldn't find anything about iframe. It's all about input elements.



Appreciate if you guys could guide or hint me?

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Yes it seems right that helper forms don't helps in iframes.

Perhaps you can try adding it as content later as a value?

Okay, can give me an example on how to do this? Just a simple example in coding perhaps. Thanks!

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