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i need open source developers attention for 4 minutes


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I am a student of Gdansk Uniwersity of Technology, I graduated from the computer. I'm writing a piece about the motivation to participate in open source projects, and on the nucleation of the community. I need to write this work because it is my master's thesis. So I prepared a short as less than 5 minutes questionnaire addressed to the developers of such projects, I have two surveys, and I would be very, very grateful for the response. Each answer is important to me .. a survey is really short! I promise.

really I ask you to assist and supplement the survey

Here are the links:






Thank you. If you have questions, please e-mail on my tib [email protected]

I salute you!


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There were a few questions which weren't clear what you tried to ask. Please rephrase those (see answer sheets)...


Good luck with the thesis!


I agree.

For example, i use prestashop, and develop scripts and modules specific for our company, but i don't develop prestashop itself, so should i resspond i spend 0 hours developing prestashop?

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Thank you everyone who replay to my survey!


@Pascal, yes, I know one question is hard to understand. This is this question "How the people looking for your project? Is sought after are the people to the project, if so, in what way are sought? Describe: "


yes? This question means

"How do you think people are looking for an open source project to be involved. Or is it the other way around is a project that is looking for people, and if so, describe how attract new developers to the project."


@sadlyblue , You are also developer of pretashop. Dont respond 0 hours, but respond how many hours do you spent on writing this what you are writing:)

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