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How to update only quantities via cron


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Hi all,


I have a problem, I am populating a pretty big store (90k products).

The quantities are to be controlled by another company.

A daily csv file will be supplied and uploaded to a location with their product references and quantity levels.


The product reference is used in Prestashop.


Here is an example of the data and how it is to be supplied;

Reference , empty cell, Stock
304301, ,Limited Stock
LDF500180, ,Good Stock
NRC6221, ,No Stock
BA 157L, ,Good Stock


There are three main things I need this to do.

1) Remove any spaces in the reference field

2) Replace 'Good Stock' with '20'

'Limited Stock' with '10'

'No Stock' with '0'

3) import 'Stock' into (psdatabase) where reference = reference


Does anyone know where I would start with this?




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Start by creating the script that does what you want.

-read file

-search for product with that reference

-update quantity

Then set a cron job to do this on a regular basis.

If you can't do the script, better hire someone to do it...

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