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How to disable pay feature & have users email shopping cart only


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Hello all,


I was wondering if it was possible to disable the payment feature in prestashop, whilst still being able to add products to a shopping cart, and email that list ONLY.


I am doing work for a wholesale company that makes all their sales by phone. They want a shopping cart feature, but not the payment section. After users select and submit what they want and quantity, the client wants that list to be emailed to their sales team's direct email.


Is this possible with any module, or if i disable something? Basically the work flow would be:


1. User adds products to shopping cart

2. User gets summary of shopping cart

3. User submits

4. Email is sent directly to sales team


Thanks for any help you can give,



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As said Dh42, Only change the traducctions of "payement" by "confirm", it's the best way. I have done this with "cheque" module.


And if you whant to jump the last confirmation step of COD, in the payement_execution.tpl, change the content of the <form> by:

<form action="{$link->getModuleLink('cheque', 'validation', [], true)}" method="post" name="frmconfirmar">
 <script language=javascript>


This "auto sends" the confirmation, you can change the text here by "processing your order"



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