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friendly URL not imported with multilanguage?


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I found a well done tutorial about fixing URL in multilanguage, I followed instructions several times but it didn't work. So I checked the SEO in the product page and find the problem!!


I import CSV files made in Excel. For each language the URL is different. The default language (English) has the right URL in the SEO page, the other language has the wrong friendly URL. Meta title and meta description are imported correctly. I checked again the CSV file: the translated URL is there.


It seems that when importing the CSV file, PS ignores my friendly URL field!!

Is that possible?


I edited manually the friendly URL in the SEO page for the second language and it works fine!! So my problem is not with .htaccess file or configuration in in back office, my problem is with import.


I am using PS, any suggestion to fix the import?


I have a second problem with multilanguage: in the data sheet tab, all features are shown in two languages. Instead of showing features only for the selected language, it show features in two languages (I imported two languages). See images for better explanation.


Many thanks for any suggestion.



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Hi all,


I am going crazy with this issue and losing a lot of time regenerating manually multilanguages friendly URLs.

I have looked on the forum but haven't seen any solution. Just lot of people stuck with that.

This problem is still happening with Prestashop last version ! Is this a bug?

Please, any solution? Script? Module?

Many thanks in advance.



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