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[solved] Make menu name different from meta title HELP!


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To make a long story short i am doing some SEO on my webshop and want to make a certain meta title. The problem is that when editing the meta title for my CMS pages the menu-name and breadcrumb-name follow and messes up the site. (Seems like prestashop gets the names from the meta title, or...!?)


So what i am asking is: Is there any way to make the meta title different from the name that prestashop is fetching for the menu-name and breadcrumb-name?


Just an example to end with:


I want the meta title to be something like: Make your computer fast with our company.

And in the menu i want it to be: Why upgrade


Thanks in advance!

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Thank for the answar. I managed to solve the problem by setting op a new variable and fetching that via PHP and MySQL! If anyone needs to know i can try to tell how, but i am not that good at PHP and SQL...


This is solved for now.

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thanks for information @math123 that the problem is solved

i marked thread as [solved]


anyway, you can also mark own threads as solved

just follow the instructions in the future:

To mark a topic as [solved] :

- Edit the first post of your topic by clicking on the "Edit" button,

- Click on the "Use full editor" button,


- Add the "[solved]" string at the beginning of your topic title and click on the "Submit Modified Post" button.

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