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How to move blocklayered module into center ?

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I want to move module blocklayered from left column to center.


I changed blocklayered.php, install function

I`ve added registering hook like this:

... && $this->registerHook('displayHome') ...


Also, i added function to serve hook:

public function hookDisplayHome($params)
return $this->hookLeftColumn($params);


But it never appear in page center.

Please help me to move this module.

What should i do else?

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Tried to move filters to center column but no luck. Main problem is that center column or category page don't have any hooks that you could attach blocklayered module to. You can display filters in category page by adding this:

{include file="$tpl_dir./modules/blocklayered/blocklayered.tpl"}

to category.tpl but it still has to be attached to left_column and it has like 50% functionality in center column. So only solution for this is to hide left column block with css and add some changes to module's .js and .tpl files.

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