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Messed up email templates


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I've tried to edit the html files in /public_html/mails/ro. They were OK for a while but now all emails look like this:


< h t m l > < h e a d > < m e t a h t t p - e q u i v = C o n t e n t - T y p e c o n t e n t = " t e x t / h t m l ; c h a r s e t = u n i c o d e " > < t i t l e > C o m a n d a a f o s t l i v r a t a -



basically the entire source code is displayed.


I accidentally deleted the index.php file inside the /public_html/mails/ro. I uploaded back a index.php file backup but I still get the same incorrect emails.


I cleared the smarty cache...


Any ideas what can I do or check?




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