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[SOLVED] Change search to full text search?


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I need some help modifing the search function.

I set to minium length to 3.

So the word iphone get indexed.

But i want it to index iphone 5 and iphone 4 and iphone 4/4S and iphone 4S depending on it's product name.

Beacuse now when users searches for iphone 5, they get all iphone stuff, I want to limit it to only iphone 5 stuff.

can anyone help me with this?

I got no clue what to change.

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Solution is here: GitHub


The idea for my shop is to disable all but name,ref and tags.

And then on all iphone 5 products add a tag that says iphone 5, that way users can search for iPhone 5, and get releveant results

Weight order should be Ref,Tags,Name with Ref beeing the highest weight.

This wll limit the result alot. And once we create a complete set of tags for all products, we probarly disable name aswell.

And then the result should be very relevant.

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