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[SOLVED] Get Category Parent


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How do I get the parent(s) of a category in blocklayered.php?


The reason I ask is that I no matter what sub-category a user chooses from a sub-menu, I always want to display from the parent category downwards. for example:


Parent-Category 1

- Sub-Category 1

- Sub-Sub-Category 1

- Sub-Sub-Category 2

- Sub-Sub-Category 3

- Sub-Category 2

- Sub-Sub-Category 2-1

- Sub-Sub-Category 2-2

- Sub-Sub-Category 2-3

- Sub-Category 3


By default, if I choose Sub-Category 1 the layered navigation block would only show the 3 sub-categories underneath, whereas I would like to show everything. In other words, no matter what sub-category I choose, every sub-category under the parent is shown.


My thinking is that if I can get the parent or grandparent of the sub-category, then I should be able to achieve this. Is this possible with this approach?


Thanks for reading.

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I tried this fix but did not work. The amendment had to be included in blocklayered.php. I created a function to get the parent of the category and return the parent/grandparent of the selected category. This does now seem to work.



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