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[solved] central column translation


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I am for while playing with PS and have installed the latest version.

I am working to a new templat that seems to be almost okay.

I face a problem as regardwith translation of Category_sort, that is displayed on top odf central column.

I have traslated category_count.tpl but nothing happened. I even deleted the content and still nothing happened.

I will be highlhy appreciating your reply and support.


I attache herwwith what I mean.


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go to the localization > translations tab

from first drop down list select "front office translations" click on flag you want to translate

then search for:



change the translation and thats all

Many thanks for your reply. Solved.


I have another issue with jbx menu.

The sub-menu do not show up. It is there but I think it is behind the central column.

The main menu bar is displyed, but not the sub-menu.

I will be very greatfull for your further help.


Kind regards


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