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[solved] Change cart rule


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I'm trying to do something with a gift module.


I explain :


i have a module creating Gift checks. For the moment, when someone buy a check a cart rule is create with the check amount. This check is available for one use only and the cart rule is create with the partial use desactivate.

This is my problem, i want that a customers not using the totality of the amount of the check still can use the same code for use the rest of the check.


What i have to do in the module is quite simple :

Changing the code of this module for set the partial_use to 1 -> done.


Now, this is the hard part :

The partial_use is not working like that for now. Apparently if you use a part of the amount of a code, another code is generate with the rest of the amount.

I want to change that, i want that when a code is partially used, another code is create with the amount already used with the statut actvie to 0 and in the same time update the cart rule to set the amount with the rest and let the active statut to 1.


I need some help to find the file where this action append, so i will able to do the modif.


Thank you for your help

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