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Product Images arent getting displayd with friendly URL enabled

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We are using Prests Shop version at http://www.game4u.com/projectnew/. As you can see none of images are getting displayed.


Friendly URL is Yes for projectnew application. When we turn off Friendly URL, all project images show properly. Product images stop showing once friendly URL is turned on. (Attached: friendlyURLon.jpg)


We have defined custom image types and we arent using any of the default image types. (Attached: customimages.jpg) We tried generating thumbnails but that also didnt work. We added _default also at the end of all custom image type names but that also didnt work.


Images and image folders are properly getting generated.


Image URL is "http://www.game4u.com/projectnew/img/p/9/8/8/7/9887-home_left_thumb.jpg" without friendly URL enabled. We checked and the folder structure is also created properly.


Image URL is "http://www.game4u.com/projectnew/9887-home_left_thumb/splinter-cell-six-blacklist.jpg" with friendly URL enabled. I checked with the original installation also and there also friendly URL is getting created in similar way so .htaccess rules are proper.


We also tried regenerating .htaccess many times but still product images arent getting displayed.


You can check the website without friendly URL enabled at http://www.game4u.com/.


How do we rectify this issue? Do we need to change the .htaccess rules?


We are using Linux Server with Apache.


Urgent reply awaited.






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Not works (not solved) any of this:

regenerate thumbnails

regenerate .htacces

clering cache 

Theme: default

prestashop version: (and others version too)

I review all post about this (I think)


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