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can I create an order and put the product into it ?


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hello everybody


I have a a module that do an custumization to a product after the customization the client make an order . I would like to give a possibility to create an order directly from the module .


1)create an order

2)put products into it

3)redirect to checkout page to see the products


is it possible to do that? if yes, can you give me any tips? thanks


and thank you for your time and help in advance

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what kind of module you've got? well, everythig depends on module, if you have got feature to add orders there - it is possible ,if not - it isn't.


by default in prestashop 1.5 you can also create orders under the orders tab in back office, just click "add new" button to create new order.

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thanks vekia for the help ,


I dont want make an order from backoffice , i want do it throu front office my module is similar to infobia module http://demo.infobia.tn/home/8-casquette-.html , i have a button to save the customization , my question is when I made the customization does the informations of the custumazation get stored in new database table or in the prestashop's predifined table ?


I know that after the changes were made I click the button add to card and with the help of prestashop's function ajaxCart.add to make the changes as an order that can be viewed in the checout page

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