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[SOLVED] Link Block Top Tab Name

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It is possible to change the name of the bar in Module "Link Block"?

Once you have configured the module, I cannot modify the bar that is on top of the various links that i insert.


As can be seen in the following pictures.






Is there any options to change it?



Jorge Rocha

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Good morning

Go to:

Back office 》 Modules 》 Modules 》 scroll down to Link Block 》 click Configure 》 you will then see Block title (enter your information)

Click Update 》 above this you will see Add a new link (enter your information) 》click Add this link 》and that should be it



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@JorgeRocha let us know if the perfumeskunk solution works for you, you can also mark thread as [solved]:

To mark a topic as [solved] :

- Edit the first post of your topic by clicking on the "Edit" button,

- Click on the "Use full editor" button,


- Add the "[solved]" string at the beginning of your topic title and click on the "Submit Modified Post" button.

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