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How sales tax is calculated


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I'm new to PrestaShop, but I've spent the last 2 months or so building my site. Now everything is ready to go, but I just noticed that sales tax is not calculating and appearing in my cart. It isn't being sent to PayPal, so it isn't charging correctly either. There is a spot in the cart for sales tax, and I can see some logic for displaying tax in my template files.


I only want sales tax added for WA state, and I've triple checked my Tax rules. They're enabled and everything looks correct there. I know when I was first starting to set up my site, sales tax appeared in the cart, so I know I have the rules set correctly.


Most of my modifications have been changing template files to customize the look, and I haven't changed any tax stuff that I know of.


Any ideas? What can break the sales tax calculations?


A lot of the logic references $total_tax, can someone tell me where this is defined?


Thanks for any help or guidance!



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Hi Kim,


Me again, I must have miread your last post.

It isn't being sent to PayPal, so it isn't charging correctly either.

Last TIme I red it was being sent...Since it isn't Your configuration must be wrong. Can you tell me which Country are you trying to configure for?



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Well, I can't say that I'm making much progress, but I did find something interesting when debugging:


SELECT SQL_NO_CACHE * FROM `ps_tax_rule` WHERE `id_country` = 21 AND `id_tax_rules_group` = 47 AND `id_state` IN (0, 0) AND ('0' BETWEEN `zipcode_from` AND `zipcode_to` OR (`zipcode_to` = 0 AND `zipcode_from` IN(0, '0'))) ORDER BY `zipcode_from` DESC, `zipcode_to` DESC, `id_state` DESC, `id_country` DESC

in /homepages/21/db1234/htdocs/classes/tax/TaxRulesTaxManager.php:92


The id_tax_rules_group is set to 47, which is the right tax rule for WA, but the state should also be 47, not 0 like in this query. What process writes this query?

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Well, I finally got it working. I switched to the new Paypal US module, that added tax, but the order did not show up in the backoffice despite it clearing with Paypal. I then switched back to the default PayPal module, but turned off Express checkouts. Now taxes are added and the orders appear in the backoffice.

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