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Tax not included?


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I'm helping to sort out some Prestashop glitches - they've most likely come about because a long line of people have worked on this at various times, and it's not documented at all.


One problem is that Tax is not displaying in the Shopping Cart. Here are the localisation settings.




And here is a product in the cart:



And here are the tax/price settings on that product:



When I delete the Pre-Tax Retail Price, the Retail Price with Tax is auto-deleted and when I fill in just the Pre-Tax Retail Price, then the Retail Price with Tax appears - but Tax is not included.


Could there be an issue with the Tax rule?


What should I check, please?

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Further investigation has shown that the tax IS displaying when customer is logged in.


It is not shown for Visitors/Guests.


I've checked the Customers/Groups rules and these are the settings for Visitors/Guests, which seem to be right but aren't functioning.

  • Name: Visitor
  • Discount: 0%
  • Current category discount: None
  • Price display method: Tax included
  • Show prices: Yes

What I want to achieve is:

(i) Prices are displayed EXCLUDING tax on product pages

(ii) Taxes are calculated and displayed as line item in Shopping Cart for all guest/customer/visitors


It's likely that someone previously has edited a file to get us to this point. What file might they have edited? (learning as I go here!)



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