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TPL Editor

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I have made a simple module for editing the .tpl files without downloading them.


This version will only edit the tpl files contained in the 'default' theme folder. It has only been tried with version 0.97.




How to use it:


  • [li]Upload AdminTplEditor.php to the <administration_directory>/tabs folder.[/li]
    [li]Upload tpledit.css and tpledit_ie.css to <store_root>/css folder.[/li]
    [li]Upload the .gif file to <store_root>/img /t folder.[/li]


Go to your administration panel and add a tab:


Example Image:



Change the number/title of the .gif to match the one assigned to it by prestashop (mine was 44.gif)




If you did everything correctly, you should now be able to access the .tpl editor:


Example Image



Click the small icon at the far right of each item to edit it.


Enjoy!  :D




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Hello everyone.
I tried to install TPLeditor, but does not appear.
I already have in my prestashop an image called 44.gif.
I copied every file on your site but I do not see anything in the admin.
I'm doing wrong.
My shop is the version RC3.

thanks and forgiveness for my English.

Hola a todos.
He intentado instalar TPLeditor, pero no aparece.
Yo en mi prestashop ya tengo una imagen llamada 44.gif.
he copiado cada archivo en su sitio pero no veo nada en el admin.
que estoy haciendo mal.
Mi tienda es la versión RC3.

gracias y perdón por mi inglés.

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The TPL Editor works only works with v0.97 so far. I'm working on an upgrade that will be compatible with version 1.0 final.

Does anyone have any news on the integrated CMS?

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This is a project which Alpha Media & imageprojektions are currently preparing to start next month,

So far we have had several members interested in this & prepared to donate to fund the development, even if you only want to donate £20 every penny counts, you will not be asked for the money until we reach the development cost for this project, please PM if you wish to make a small or large contribution, we will then contact you with further details on how to donate to this project.

This is not a straight forward project so I'm sure you guys can apprieate we do need to cover our costs in time ;)

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I know this was posted on: "Posted: 05 June 2008" but man this is a great feature. It's now 2011, 3 years later, why hasn't this been
intergrated into Presta shop already? And aside from that, why don't Prestashop have a full intergrated template/theme editor built in?

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