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Custom page with form


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Hlo guys, im new to prestashop and have recently setup a store...what i want to do is to create a custom page that contains a form. Upon submission of this form, the form content are to be mailed to a specific mail address.


Any advice on how to proceed??



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and what about default contact form?

I'm asking because if you want to create completly separate form, you have to create module - it is the easiest and the best method to achieve what you want. But in this case you have to be familiar with php and prestashop development

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hello vekia...the form is not intended for the customers of the store..so i think the default contact form will not be suitable....

i am familiar with php...but here i think creating module will require to me to know hooks and others stuffs...i created a basic module but was only able to display it in the homepage....

please advice...thanks..

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you can create module with page (you have to create controller) - you dont have to use hooks in this case.

how to create page? you have to create class for extend ModuleFrontController



class contactformModuleFrontController extends ModuleFrontController{
module code here


then you will be able to open the page: www.yourwebsite.com/modules/contact/form


more informations about extending modulefrontcontroller you can read here: http://doc.prestashop.com/display/PS15/Creating+a+PrestaShop+module#CreatingaPrestaShopmodule-Embeddingatemplateinthetheme

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hlo vekia...thanks for the advice...

i cloned the contact controller and made the neccesary adjustments.....and it worked....

although it has worked....i am not sure if it the right way to go about.....

i will also go through as you advised...thanks...

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