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Module to hide customer emails from staff Need a developer!


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Hi all


we are currently searching for the right developer to make a module for us that hides the customer emails from low level staff to prevent email list stealing.


Obviously no core changes should happen and if you think you can do it and are a trusted dev. We would like to hear from you.


We believe this should be part of prestashop as it is a major problem for many small businesses that encounter any success.


Staff can steal the emails list and sell it to the competition. It happens often and we would like a way to help prevent it.



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So PS v1.5.4.1?


The most obvious place that display the customer email address is the Customers section, but it will exist in my different places as well.

  • Customers list (it is displayed and searchable)
  • Customer Detail View
  • Customer Detail Edit
  • Customer Address Edit
  • Customer Group view
  • Shopping Cart View
  • Customer Service
  • Newsletter module
  • etc...

I would suggest that you complete this list to better define your requirements. Then state specifically what you would expect for each of these. For example...

  1. Perhaps you change the Staff role permission so they do not have access to these pages, and then no other changes would be required.
  2. Perhaps you expect the field to be hidden or removed from the view. On a page like Customer Edit, where the email address is required, define what you would expect to occur when this Staff member edits the Customer.

Once your requirements are complete, I could consider providing you with an estimate.

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