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[solved] How to install a module in more than one position?


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go to the modules > positions

click on green "translplant" button


then select module from list and select place where you want to install it.


Hi! Thank you, but I cannot do it because the selects are dimmed out (unselectable).

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you're clicking on "transplant" button?

or just on "edit" button near the module?


Ok, I clicked "transplant" and it works :P This also solve another problem I had (I couldn't install a module in more than one position)


Thank you


Still, I've got another strange problem. I copied blocktopmenu in themes/[mytheme]/modules and changed code so that it can be placed in my custom displayHeaderMainMenuBox hook. It doesn't work. Instead, if I edit the same way the main (root) blocktopmenu, it works all fine. So, I guess the module override doesn't happen. Why?

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