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New module in developpment : social share manager


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Hi everybody,


I'm actualy working on a module called 'social share manager' it will be availabled only for Prestashop 1.5.X.


This module will allow to your curstomer to get some reuction when they share your products.


All reductions are editable in the back office below you have a preview of our back office




This module will allow you to put some reduction in your catalogue.


Actualy we have worked on 3 types of reduction :


- You can put reduction for each categories

- You can put reduction for each brands

- You can put reduction for each product.


For all that elements you can put what I call a "bid", this can be an amount or a percentage and the max of share necessary.


For example If I have one product that coast 10€ in the back office I configure for that product a bid of 20 cents and a max of share of 10, then if the user share with 10 friends, he will be able to buy the product for 8 €...


the module works with facebook API.


Below some preview of the front office :




here in product list page


below on product description page :




Any kind of comment will be much appreciated.

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Hi, we have changed our back office in order to apply better reductions, we added, picture, id, reference, and prices of product when we do a reduction for each products. you can have a look below :


Now you can also disable the button for each product using "status"


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we are actualy testing it because it is in relationship with prices and we do not want to do something bad, please allow us one more week, to 10 days and it will be finished.


we also added a new function. Now you can choose if the reduction is for one product or for more if the custommer buy more than 1 product.

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Hi thank you all for your interest for that module.


The developpment is still pending, but It was a bit longer than I was expected because the coast are most expensive than Initial.


we have about few days for developpement it should be ended today or tomorrow but then we need to write the manual for installation and so on.


Dear Vekia I've tried to use your module of social shop for facebook but the result is not the same as yours https://www.facebook.com/omega.nutrition.france/app_194782047323301 do I need to have an other template for that module ?


To become a way like yours https://www.facebook.com/MyPresta/app_267168613402500


When I click on configuration I only have the choice for fixing url and height of tabs.


Bardzo Dziekuje za pomoc.

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Hio, thanks for your interest. Actualy our manager is at hospital since he got injurries from his strongman contest.


I guss it will be available for the end of the month when it'll be approved by prestashop.


Sorry for the inconvenient,


thank you for your interest.

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hello everybody,


i'm back from my contest.


Concerning that module we are actually writting the documentation in english and in French,


I think it should be available for the next week, but I do not know how  much time will take the


prestashop team to say if it is validate module. So it may take longer.


We will kep you informed.

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Hi everybody


Here you can access to


Back Office www.beta-testx.ml/narayan/sharesys/admin123


user: [email protected]



And Front Office :




here is documentation for how to install it




Any comment will be much appreciated

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Hi demo is available in that new server


salut, le module est entre les mains de prestashop pour intégration au catalogue addons,




Front office 




and in back office  :




user: [email protected]
pass: demodemo



please do not remove app id and secret key, because it won't work with that informations.

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