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Zones / Countries / Carriers - debugging a problem

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I have had a Prestashop install running for several years and understand how the shipping works. I have come up against a real show stopper though.


I wanted to use 'Zones' to setup different shipping prices for different parts of my country as 'States' are not supported by the shipping tables. To simplify things I deleted all existing 'Zones' and 'Countries' and re-populated them with what I wanted.


Ever since I did that I can not get my shipping working again, I have (numerous times):


- Deleted all and made a new 'Zone'

- Made a new 'Country' that belonged to the 'Zone'

- Made new 'Carriers' that ship to the'Zone'

- Made new 'Weight ranges'

- Filled out the price tables that link carriers and 'Weight ranges'

- Ensured that my 'Warehouse' can ship with the new 'Carriers'


However so far when ever my test client tries to check out they get "No carriers available for the address "My address".".


Is it possible by deleting 'Zones' and 'Countries' initially I removed a default somehow? Somewhere I have a logic gate that is tripping the wrong way but have no way to tell where.


I would really appreciate any help, including how to debug this at a code level if necessary.


Edit: I'm running :-)

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It's been a while from your question and probably have got it fixed.


I just realized that independent of all the carrier related settings, such as Zones, Ranges and so and so, there is another important step to take to make carriers work on countries.


And that would be to make the Country of choice 'Enabled' in Localization--> Countries.


You would think this setting could have been placed under shipping or a warning message could have been issued warning you that some countries under the zone that you are working on are not Enabled. But in our cases we just faced few countries were customers could not properly check out and once I investigated the DB table I found this issue.

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