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How could new products be shown on the homepage? Particulary the list of products that shows when using the new products controller




I would like, that my homepage /index.php would automatically show the new products the same way as the link /index.php?controller=new-products shows. I already tried a redirect in .htaccess but it is not really working. Somehow I managed to make a Module and register it to the homepage hook (display home) with the new-products controller files copied to the module surprisingly it nearly works, but without the product-sort form on the top. Would there be another possibility?

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If Vekia's right I suggest you use ajax pagination when clicking on the sort. Have your module add a javascript file, and call your ajax file (which calls your module file) when clicking on the pagination. Then from the module's called method simply run a query that accepts the page number as parameter (optionally, the order by as well) and return the list. then fetch a template and replace the currently displaying list with the new page

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