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Product-variations as list

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Hi everybody,


I recently downloaded prestashop to build a small wine-store. Up to now i found answers to all my questions. But now I have a problem I didn't find an answer to.



Version: 1.5.4 ... As I already mentionned it's a wine-shop. For each wine you have different years and different bottle-sizes. The customer can choose which year and which bottle-size he wants to buy. That works fine but I'm not satisfied with the presentation.



You have wine XY. Years 2012, 2011, 2010 / Bottle-sizes 0.7 litre (2012, 2011, 2010), 1.50 litre (2012), 12.0 litre (2012)... So in 2 of the 3 age groups there's only one bottle size.


My Problem:

At the moment you have to choose bottle-size and year over two different dropdown-fields. That's not very nice because for many years there's only one bottle-size. Normally there are just 5 or 6 combinations that exist - but 9 possible combinations. That means that 3 or 4 inputs result in 'no mans land'.


My Idea:

The variations shouldn't be chosen over dropdown field. There should just be a List of all the possibilities... For my example that means:

- year 2012 | size 0.7 litre

- year 2012 | size 1.5 litre

- year 2012 | size 12.0 litre

- year 2011 | size 0.7 litre

- year 2010 | size 0.7 litre

... it should look pretty similiar as in the backend.


I'm not a very good programmer, but I can change some lines in .php and .tpl files. I hope that anyone has an idea how to solve my problem :)




PS: My english is not that good. Please read over my spelling/grammar errors :)

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