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Module development approach

Enrique Gómez

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Hi everybody,


I'm currently developing a module modification of the free http://www.prestashop.com/forums/topic/26157-module-updated-related-products-v01/ so i would upload as a contribution when i finish. I'm adding order to the related tags


I have to overwrite Products and Tags. Products to add a new field, and Tags to overwrite addTags and getProductTags to take into account the order insertion.


I know it's possible to install those overwritten Clases within the module installation process, but I know also that this approach has problems when those files have been already overwritten.


I've seen some other modules make modifications into the source code directly (the tpl files) searching for some patterns and writting directly using I/O php functions. At first glance it seems awkward to me because I've been programming in Java language and it's not as dynamic as php.


Which approach is the least bad?



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