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[Solved] Vouchers and orders


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There are anyway where I can see If an order has been ordered with a voucher determinated??


I mean, if in database or in admin We can see the relation between an order with a voucher to know the orders completed with them vouchers.



Thanks and sorry for my english ;)

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Thank you Benjamin,


But I want to know the product bought with a shopping - rule, in Price Rules -> Shopping rules I can see the codes, but I don't see in what products have been used.



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What products have been used that the voucher applied to.


I'm not sure, that would be a little confusing from a statistics standpoint because a voucher could be used for various products, depending on your customer's cart.


When you look in the orders, you can see the vouchers but I don't think there is an easy way to view what vouchers applied to which of your customers' products.

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