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[SOLVED] [MODULE Quantity Box] Minimum Quantity issue


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I just bought the Quantity box module, it work very well on, however i have one question:


I wanted to set minimum quantities to my products and see it on the quantity box (in the product list).

In fact it should work exactly as the quantity box in the product pages.


I managed to make it happen by deleting the " && $product.minimal_quantity in product-list.tpl, so now the minimum quantity is correctly displayed in the quantity box.


My problem:


If i set the minimum quantity to 25 for example and press "add to cart" in the list it say "You must add 25 minimum quantity".


If i remplace the number in the box by 26 it works well, if i add 26 to the cart then i go back to the product list and press "add to cart" (the "25" is already displayed in the box") it add only one product.


So the minimum quantity is well displayed but in fact it is equal to 1.


I already contacted the dev but if someone have a solution it would be great!


Thanks :)





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