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rich menu - specific configuration to behave like native top menu


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I have posted this before but in the wrong forum, so it is a duplicate.


Apologies if it causes confusion.



I purchased the Rich Menu module, but I can't get it to behave as I need it.

Ideally I would like the sort of functionality the native horizontal top menu provides in the way that the categories appear in tier order. Hovering over each one displays the subsequent categories beneath.


I purchased the rich menu as I need the 2nd level categories to have an image next to it and display independently of the 1st level, in a fixed position div. The sub-categories then appear from left to right in a hover over state.

There will be 3,000+ (three thousand plus!) categories, so having all displayed is a no go.


Has anyone got experience with this or point out how to get this configured?

Greatly appreciated.


Screen shot of visual provided with brief annotation.


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