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Good afternoon,


I am having issues with my Order confirmation page and hope someone may be able to help me recitify the problem.


All pages seem to be ok generally speaking, except for the order confirmation page which comes up once a customer has paid (this is via the PayPal module).


I have attached a couple of pages which show how this order confrimation looks - the 1st shows the top half, the 2nd the bottom half.


One problem seems to be that there are a number of modules hooked to the right (which i do not want to be there). These are all modules that are present on the right column in my homepage. However I cannot find a way to unhook them from the this order confirmation page. Within modules, positions, I have added exceptions for these modules on the right column for every page available in the drop down list other than index. However this seems to do nothing. Is there another way I can remove them?


In addition to the above, there are also signficant issues with the header and footer!


Has anyone experienced this problem and / or know of a solution? Also does anybody know which file this page relates to?


If anybody can provide any support I would really appreciate it.


Thank you in advance.







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Hi, just wondered if anyone is able to help with this?


I am fairly certain the problem is caused by the right column. I think if I could remove the modules from the right column on this page, the problem may be rectified (or it will certainly look a lot better!)


However as I cannot remove the right column modules on this particular page through module positions, does anyone know of any other way to remove them?



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