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Product List Footer Issue


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I have a query regarding the footer of my website which I hope somebody can assist me with.


I have added copyright text to the footer.tpl file so it appears just below the footer and outside the body of the webpage.


This seems to be working fine on all my pages, except for the product list. On that particular page, the text appears below the footer, but still within the body of the page.


It will probably be easiest to see what I mean by looking at my site url http://www.platinumweddingsandoccasions.co.uk/


If anybody knows how I could get the product list footer to look identical to all the other footers, please can you let me know.


Thank you.



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Thank you both for your replies.


Vekia - I have had a look the product list tpl file and looked for unclosed div but cannot find any!


Alexander - I am not sure where id='page' block is? I cannot find this within the product list tpl file. Please can you confirm where this can be found? Do I then need to make sure the copyright text is outside this block?



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