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Order Status - Empty email template combobox

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First of all, thanks for any assistance. I've tried to find something similar on Presta forum and Google as well, with no luck.


Well, my problem is related to email template selection to status changes. The combobox is empty, as you can see in the picture.


I have been customizing my shop for a while, so I have no idea what could caused this problem.


I have made some backups (folder ../htdocs/<store>) since I started changing. One of my backup version still populate the combobox. I made a folder comparison between that version and my current version to detect what files could affect this, but I could not figure it out.


Edit: PHP logs and "Advanced Parameters > Logs" are empty.


So, could anyone point me out where should I start looking to bypass my problem?


PrestaShop version:

Template: default


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Hi LinusIT,


I could not figure out what causes this problem.

To workaround this and be able to select email templates for an order status, I had to go to database and update the related table (the ones with order status and email templates) by hand.


I hope you find a better solution or, at least, I could help you out.


Thank you.

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