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Categorie in rss.php feeder

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Weet iemand hoe ik de categorie en evt de subcategorie in het bestand rss.php in de map modules/feeder kan krijgen?


Ik heb nu onderstaande:


header("Content-Type:text/xml; charset=utf-8");
echo '<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>'."\n";
foreach ($products AS $product)
				    if ($product['active'] == 1){
						    $image = Image::getImages((int)($cookie->id_lang), $product['id_product']);
 echo "\t\t<product>\n";

						    // & in titel naar & omzetten
 echo "\t\t\t<Title>".str_replace("&", "&" , $product['name'])."</Title>\n";

 echo "\t\t\t<Beschrijving>".str_replace("&", "&" , $product['description'])."</Beschrijving>\n";

 echo "\t\t\t<Prijs>".html_entity_decode(Tools::displayPrice(Product::getPriceStatic($product['id_product']), $currency), ENT_COMPAT, 'UTF-8')."</Prijs>\n";

 echo "\t\t\t<Image-locatie>";
 $cdata = true;
 if (is_array($image) AND sizeof($image))
  echo _PS_BASE_URL_.__PS_BASE_URI__."img/p/".$image[0]['id_product']."-".$image[0]['id_image']."-home.jpg";
  $cdata = false;
 echo "</Image-locatie>\n";

						    echo "\t\t\t<Portokosten>";

								    echo "0";

						    echo "</Portokosten>\n";

						    echo "\t\t\t<Levertijd>";
						   echo "1-2 werkdagen";

						    echo "</Levertijd>\n";

						    echo "\t\t\t<Winkelproductcode>";
						    echo $product['id_product'];
						    echo "</Winkelproductcode>\n";
 echo "\t\t\t<Deeplink>".htmlspecialchars($link->getproductLink($product['id_product'], $product['link_rewrite'], Category::getLinkRewrite((int)($product['id_category_default']), $cookie->id_lang))).$affiliate."</Deeplink>\n";

						    echo "\t\t\t<Geslacht>";
						    echo "Dames";
						    echo "</Geslacht>\n";

						    echo "\t\t</product>\n";




Ik heb al verschillende dingen geprobeerd. In een ander topic zag ik dat iemand dit bijv. gebruikte:

 echo  "\t\t\t<Categorie>";
						    $cats = Product::getProductCategories($product['id_product']);
						    foreach ($cats AS $cat)
								    //home category niet tonen
								    if($cat != 1){
										    $catnames = Category::getSimpleCategories($cookie->id_lang);
										    foreach ($catnames as $catname){
												    if ($catname['id_category'] == $cat)
												    echo $catname['name'];
						    echo  "</Categorie>\n";


Maar dat werkte niet. Ik heb Prestashop 1.4

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