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Horizontal flags language block


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Hello all,


I have prestashop 1.5. The language block is a dropdown menu, like the coins.


I want the flags in horizontal position without menu. I want all flags shown as well as the coins.


Can someone help me?


Thanks in advance.

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"like the coins"

what you mean by this? you use non default theme and you've got "coins" ?

please let us know, and if it is possible - paste the url to website.


+ additional information about your prestashop version (exact version, like

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Hello Vekia,


Thanks for your replay.


My exact version is PrestaShop™


I´m sorry becouse my english. With "Like the coins" I mean I have the the language block where you can choose the language with a dropdown menu, and you can choose the coin (euro, dollar, etc) with dropdown too.


I´m testing a template on http://www.macarenasdelights.com


And what I´m looking for is something like this (top left corner) http://www.spanischgourmet.com/es/


Thanks again for your replay

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