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[solved] Modify center width of homepage and product page


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I am finding it frustating trying to modify the center of the homepage and the product page - when I change the width for one, the other changes too... However, what I am after is having the center width of the homepage to be 980px (because I removed both left and right columns) and having the product pages to be about 580px because the left and right columns are still there...


Help please?


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okay, so the prestashop uses grid system, hope you don't change sources of it ;) if so - roll back changes there.


so, you said that you've got full width one column on homepage (correct way to achieve this is change the class to grid_9 alpha omega)


now you want grid_5 on product page


in this case you have to use if condition to define grid value



here is a sample code:


<!-- Center -->
<div id="center_column" class="{if $page_name == 'index'}grid_9 clarfix alpha omega{else}grid_5{/if}">


try to use it in header.tpl file

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