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Add attributes to product


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I have an attributes group id (4), and a attribute id (26).


How can I add this attribute to a product (371)?


I can update the attributes doing:


$id_size = 24;
$product_id = 371;
[size=4]$p = new Product($product_id, TRUE, null, 1);[/size]
$p->updateAttribute($id_size, 99998, 9977, 0, 111, 0, NULL, 'RRREFFFX', NULL, NULL);


But I can't associate a new attribute value for a product.




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I don't know how it should be done with the PS functions and classes.


I implemented it in the order_edit part of my script (http://www.prestasho...t-product-edit/). You could check that's source code to get an idea.


The database construction is a bit complicated with a lot of tables involved (ps_product_attribute, ps_product_attribute_combination, ps_product_attribute_image, ps_attribute, ps_attribute_group, ps_attribute_group_lang, ps_attribute_impact, ps_attribute_lang). So it may take you some study time to understand it.

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