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Documentation for shipping module interface


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I have a shipping module for Prestashop 1.4 which I'm trying to upgrade to 1.5. However, it does seem that a lot have changed from 1.4 to 1.5 for shipping in general, and for shipping modules. Specifically, a lot of the HTML, javascript and css has changed, so the module generated HTML from version 1.4 is not compatible with version 1.5. Therefore, I'm looking for a description of these changes, and how the interaction between Prestashop and a shipping module should be. For instance:

  • How is the markup supposed to be formatted to work with the standard shipping calculation/presentation?
  • Which callbacks are called when, and what are they supposed to return. Yeah, I know - Hooks - but I can't find any information about what they are actually supposed to do/return

I know there are free and open source shipping modules available, but they are either replacing the entire shipping page, or they simply generate static data that are put into the database as static data. My module is fetching the shipping costs dynamically and calculated based on postal code, weight and dimensions, and I would like to present the result as the other standard shipping options.


Any input is (very) appreciated... If this is not the best place to get in touch with people who have knowledge about these internals, then please direct me to a better place where to ask these questions.

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