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Message d'erreur avec prix à zéro web service

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Je transfère des produits avec les web service Prestashop. J'ai des produits prix à zéro et le web service me les refuse. Voici le message

: "Erreur API (453) : This call to PrestaShop Web Services failed and returned an HTTP status of 400. That means: Bad Request.<br />Validation error: "Property Product->price is empty


Je souhaite néanmoins avoir prix à zéro dans Prestashop.

Quelqu'un aurait-il la solution?


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New News, dveq, i install PrestaShop™ in other local server and not have problem with the price, but are diferent the menu, no have check box in the price menu, only need put the price, i think this is the bug in this version


Parcial Solve...

in version, i create first a new product but, first put in the price option data NO check box, only put the price, next go to information opcion and put data of the product, then save, and buala, no error, but.. you don´t have oportunity to change the price again.


try and comment pls.

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Yes, i try manually, for understand where is the problem, at the first i think that the problem was the WS or my computer is wrong but now see that the problem is the version, something change, i decide downrate de version to because i don't know how solve the problem by the moment.


Good Look for you, please if you find the answer first, tell me to upgrade the version.


Regards, JE

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