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Select a date in BO for use as a dynamic field/tag in webshop/html


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Hi Prestashoppers!


I'm looking for a module where I can select/type a date and time in BO, and then I can insert a tag anywhere in my shop and it will show the date selected.

Perhaps a feature with long/short date would be nice.


It would be awesome if this tag could be inserted in this description



I want to inform my customers the next date/time I order from my supplier, så they can make an order on non-stock products.


Does anyone know if such module exists?

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So you're looking for some kind of shortcode method like wordpress?

To add new fields in the back office you can use my tut here:




Then, in the front office I'd go for a javascript solution, otherwise you'd need to edit ProductController and filter theavailable_later text, parse it with a regex to replace the current shortcode syntax with the proper date. WIth js it's done with regex as well, or a simple .replace, but at least it doesn't require a core modification (...well a further one)

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