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Shopping carts - how do I get several?


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I'm trying to deploy Prestashop 1.5 for a marketplace-like solution. So I have multistores set up. Stores have common products, but each store sets its own prices, each has its own cart, and each will check-out separately. (When I tried with common cart, the same product from different stores produced one line in the cart, and messed up the prices.)


My problem is that I need a page where the user can see /all/ his/her carts, not just the one for the current context, whether the user is logged in or not. I've looked at the code a bit, and looked at the cookies being set, and I'm stumped. (Probably because I'm still a newbie.)


If I add items to the cart in two of the shops, I get two carts (sensibly enough), two cookies, and two entries in ps_cart with different id_guests.


Can someone point me towards how I can get all carts? I don't see where having multiple cookies is handled... (*confused*)





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