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Hi guys,


We'd like to look at importing/inserting specific price rules for products in our inventory.


In abstract:


We run a multi-store instance of Presta.


One store sells products to the public, at a discount which is variable per product depending on customer group


One store sells products to trade buyers at a discount which is currently uniform for a given range of products but may vary on a product by product basis depending on customer group


We currently have around 3,000 SKUs in our inventory but this will increase to around 18,000 when a further site is migrated.


So adding specific prices for specific customer groups on specific products for potentially specific time frames isn't really feasible to do by hand.


So how to do it?


Import - can't seem to find one though?

Rules based code (if mfr x for group 2 set - 15%) etc?


Any and all information very gratefully received.



PS We're on Prestashop

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I've specified specific group pricing in a custom importer and all you have to do is create one or more new SpecificPrice object(s).


You can then initialise the object for a price specific to a Shop, Shop Group, Customer group, country, currency etc. Just make sure that you specify 'amount' as the 'reduction_type' data member of the class.


I think an importer would be the way to go as it provides for the greatest flexibility, especially if you don't want to be forced into rules that have several exceptions (e.g. all product from manufacturer 'Y' have different price reductions).


The key to a functional custom importer like this (especially when you want to import price updates and not just one-off product imports) is to be able to provide a unique reference in the import file - e.g. a unique supplier/manufacturer reference. That way the product_id becomes arbitrary. The latter is important should you ever need to migrate or merge the product data in the store with another site.


What format is the information supplied on the products? CSV/XML? for 18,000 SKUs I'm assuming that you're not generating the input data by hand.....

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